AMCA Mission

To consider and deal, by all lawful means, with common problems of management, such as those involved in the production, distribution and employment of the mechanical contracting industry; to advance the common purposes of its members, foster equity in business usages, and promote activities aimed at enabling the industry to conduct itself with the greatest economy and efficiency.

To promote the growth of the mechanical contracting industry through rendering more extensive service to the public based on the conviction that the most efficient service will elevate the industry to a place that its usefulness deserves.

To work toward the elimination of abuse in the industry, to establish uniform industry practices to provide more efficient systems, products and services to the consuming public.

To provide educational opportunities to assist contractors & service providers to develop more efficient and professional business management practices.

To represent its members in dealings with other construction contractors and architects, engineers and representatives of local, State and Federal governments for the purpose of promoting reasonable, standard customs and practices throughout the industry.

To conduct, on behalf of its members, collective bargaining negotiations with organized labor, the administration and execution of labor contracts with appropriate bargaining representatives of employees, and to represent the interests of the association members in situations of application and/or interpretation of the terms of the labor agreement.