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Functions & Benefits

Association functions and benefits include:

1. Approximately nine dinner meetings are held per year, where members discuss common problems within the industry in an effort to determine positive action to eliminate these problems.

2. The State Association has held an annual convention each year for over 25 years. One year the convention is the responsibility of the Fairbanks chapter and the next year, Anchorage will host. Convention participants have found these meetings entertaining, educational and worthwhile.

3. The Association acts as the bargaining party for a model contract with the two unions which is used by all signatory contractors in the geographic area covered by these contracts. The negotiating committees negotiate with the two unions to assure that we have contracts in place in a timely manner. They also work with the unions on an ongoing basis to address problems that might arise between the negotiating dates.

4. AMCA members are involved as contractor representatives on the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committees (JATC) for both the plumbers and sheet metal apprenticeship programs. These committees also oversee journeyman education programs.

5. Code committees act as contractor representative on the biennial code reviews. The committee also reports on ongoing problems, concerns and changes in the codes that affect our industry.

6. Education Committee offers state certified classes for continuing education requirements for mechanical administrators licenses as well as other educational opportunities as they become available.

7. The legislative committee keeps the members informed on legislative actions that affect the membership.

8. The Sheet Metal Industry committee administers the Sheet Metal Industry Trust.

9. The Plumbing Industry Committee administers the Plumbing Industry Trust.

10. Health & Welfare Committee: Three management trustees appointed by AMCA work jointly with three union trustees to oversee the administration of the Plumbers & Sheet Metal Workers Health & Welfare Plan.

11. Pension Committee: Three management trustees appointed by AMCA work jointly with three union trustees to oversee the administration of the Plumbers Pension Plan.

We provide continuing education opportunities for our contractor members in order to help them be more effective in business. Our members serve as management members of joint labor/management programs with the mechanical trades unions. We also serve as the negotiating body for labor negotiations with the Plumbers and Pipefitters as well as the Sheet Metal Workers unions. Our members have also served on municipal code review committees, building board and other trade related comities and organizations. The AMCA is the host association for the Anchorage area MCAA, PHCC and SMACNA chapters and we provide administrative services for these chapters.

In our website you will find the names and the contacts for our member contractors. These contractors are the leaders of the industry in our area. If you are a general contractor or owner in need of the services of a quality mechanical contractor, you will find no better than the contractor members of this association. If you are interested in career opportunities in the construction industry, these organizations are a great place to begin your search.

Please page through our website for more information on the association. If you are a mechanical contracting company and interested in joining, you will find application and contact information there.

If you are a supplier, vendor or service provider, you can also contact us for information on associate membership.

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PO Box 92950
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Phone: 907-677-8588


The AMCA is a trade association of mechanical contractors operating primarily in south central Alaska, but also elsewhere in the state of Alaska.

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