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Letter From the President

As a lifelong Alaskan, I have witnessed a lot of change in our state. I have seen Anchorage and the state move from a “bedroom community” status prior to the oil pipeline boom of 1974, to a bustling city and state with a healthy industrial resource base.

I grew up wandering around my father’s shop staring at all the “marvelous” things one would find in a mechanical and food service equipment sales and repair business. The curiosities were endless. I worked the business through my school years, becoming familiar with the trade and industry. My earliest recollected experience with AMCA was back in 1983 when my father asked me to start attending the monthly dinner meetings at the Samavar Inn. I eventually “volunteered” for a few committees, and even took a leadership role as president of the Association in the 1990's.

Now, a second generation business, I have taken the reins of our family business, and again step into the role as President of the Association.

I see a similar purpose of our Association as our previous presidents, that is to provide quality training and educational opportunities for our member contractors and their employees. First, we as the Association need to sponsor timely education events for our members. Second, we need to work alongside with our trade unions in ensuring the latest technologies and training are being provided to our apprentice and journeymen employees.

We also need to recognize our business partners and associate members that support us as contractors and provide our Association invaluable assistance. Together we represent a vast cross section of mechanical contractors, trade groups and industry representatives, working towards the improvement of our industry.

Thank you.
Tim Agosti
Alaska Mechanical Contractors Association

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The AMCA is a trade association of mechanical contractors operating primarily in south central Alaska, but also elsewhere in the state of Alaska.

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